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Can Dogs Sense Whether Or Not You're A Good Person?

Updated: Apr 1

It’s no secret that dogs and humans have shared a special relationship with one another for thousands of years. The same emotional connections that a dog experiences within a pack transfer easily towards their owners. To put it simply, dogs truly end up viewing us as a part of their family. But what about everyone else? How do dogs know whether or not someone is a good person?

Dogs are highly intelligent and intuitive with a keen sense of not only our body language but our intentions as well. They can easily understand upwards of 150 verbal cues with one notable example being Chaser the Border collie- she understood more than 1000! A University of Arizona study also found that domestic dogs and 2-year-old children show similar patterns in social intelligence, more so than chimpanzees when compared with those same children.

Another experiment from The University of Milan concluded that dogs are even able to differentiate between humans who behave generously or selfishly. The study involved 84 dogs with each being tested separately under a variety of different conditions though the basic setup was simple. The dogs observed an interaction between three demonstrators: two humans who had food and a third individual (the beggar) who did not. The beggar would then take turns asking each individual for food. Every turn, the "generous" demonstrator would gladly share while the "selfish" demonstrator would refuse. The dogs were then allowed to choose between the demonstrators. It should come as no surprise that over two thirds of the dogs chose the generous human instead of the selfish one!

Most interestingly of all, new science reveals that kindhearted people actually emit an aura of positive energy. Contrary to what neurologists previously believed, the heart has a stronger electromagnetic field than the brain and dogs are astutely aware of this magnetic field. In turn, they naturally gravitate toward those who radiate good energy. Good vibes aren't just an Instagram hashtag and your dog is more aware of them than anyone else.

It's safe to say that dogs have undeniable skills when it comes to reading humans. Dogs constantly watch our social interactions, drawing their own conclusions about our future behavioral choices and personalities based on what they see and hear. These skills combined with a naturally occurring sixth sense work together to help them decipher how to respond to the people they encounter on a daily basis. Without a doubt, dogs certainly know a good person when they meet them!

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