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3 Reasons Why You Still Need A Dog Walker When You Work From Home

Updated: Mar 29

For many pet owners, the pandemic pulled them out of the office and into their living rooms to begin working remotely. And while working from home with your dog initially sounds like a dream come true, there are a few things you might want to consider. Let’s go over three reasons why you still need a dog walker on the books, even if you can get the job done yourself.

1. Routine Is The Spice Of Life

Dogs naturally relish a consistent routine as evidenced by their uncanny ability to remind you of dinnertime, particularly once daylight savings hits! If they’re used to being walked during a specific timeframe each day, they’re still going to expect it whether or not you're working.

Even trivial deviations in their regular schedule can begin to cause unwanted behaviors such as increased anxiety, excessive whining or barking, and destructive chewing or digging.

2. Because Your Pup Deserves To Be The Center Of Attention

Taking your dog for a walk isn’t just about exercise! It also provides them with enrichment, sensory stimulation, and social interaction. Working from home means you may not always have the luxury of going out for more than a few quick bathroom breaks and often your brain is still wrapped up in the duties you need to get back to.

Hiring a dog walker allows your dog to have undivided attention with someone who is solely focused on them and their needs.

3. Dogs Can Be Pretty Terrible Coworkers

You’re in the middle of that ridiculously important Zoom meeting when somebody knocks at the door and now you’re scrambling to hit mute while your dog sings the song of his people. Not embarrassing at all. Scheduling a dog walk during important conference calls helps prevent moments like this before they have a chance to happen, making your day (and reputation with your coworkers) that much less stressful.

While working from home with your pup is still a dream come true, it doesn’t come without a few challenges. Dogs associate you being home as “playtime with my human” and the concept of work makes zero sense. Hiring a professional dog walker allows you to rest easy knowing your pup is in good hands while you reel in the big bucks!

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